Industry Vertical

Ponddy Tutors those in the service industry such as hotel, concierge, retail, food services, transport, and distribution.  Learn language skills and vocabulary aligned to your vertical industry to more effectively engage customers and clients. Learning continues after the live sessions with our Smart Textbooks that include fun games and exercises with content aligned to your industry.

Students (K-adult)

Ponddy Tutors small classes with students of similar background and ability to create the best interactive learning environment. Learning continues after the lessons with Ponddy Smart Textbooks that include fun and addictive games/exercises.  Individual sessions for exam preparation are also available upon request.

Scheduled Courses:
Chinese Language and Culture Course for AP®

Custom Solutions

Ponddy Tutors professionals, managers, executives, business personnel and anyone interested in learning or improving their Chinese.  We can provide custom packages for individuals, teams, departments, corporations or schools. Our content development team incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted technology to create specialized curriculum that addresses your unique needs.

Maximize Your Learning Experience!


Ponddy Tutors help students succeed.  By combining tutor driven activities and interactive self-learning content from Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks, lessons are personalized for each individual. You learn more effectively, saving time, and with better results.

Ponddy Tutors are certified experts in teaching Chinese to new, bilingual or heritage speakers.  They work with each student to engage, encourage and challenge.

Our native speaking tutors are experienced teachers who also undergo an intensive training program for students who are learning Chinese as a foreign language.  They are assessed regularly for quality and effective educational practices.

Progressive Learning Levels
Our tutors provide lessons that integrate with Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks  which provides a progressive learning continuum from beginning to intermediate to advanced and superior levels of skills. Lesson plans are assisted by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to further personalize and optimize student learning.

Fun and Engaging Exercises
With Ponddy Chinese, exercises are gamified and continuously changing so each time you practice you are presented with new challenges.  Have fun while you are learning!

Affinity Knowledge Learning System (AKLS)
Powered by the Affinity Knowledge Learning System (AKLS), Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks streamline learning which makes acquiring and retaining character and vocabulary knowledge faster.  The Artificial Intelligence engine customizes lessons and gamification provides fun ways to practice and learn.

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