Online lessons with live instructors are personalized for each individual by content, interest and learning style.  You learn more effectively, saving time and with better results.


We move learners from beginning to AP level and beyond with our comprehensive curriculum that follow national and international standards.


Ponddy Tutors engage, encourage and challenge each student to improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Ponddy Tutors Maximize Your Learning Experience


Our native-speaking tutors are experienced teachers who undergo intensive training to teach Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL).

Ponddy Tutors are certified experts and many have a masters degree in CFL.



They work with each learner whether new, bilingual or heritage speakers to improve student success.


Smart Textbooks - Exclusive features of Ponddy Tutors

Smart Textbooks is a dynamic comprehensive online learning platform integrating the power of Artificial Intelligence.



Ponddy Tutors create customizable curricula using Pondlets, interactive learning modules with vocabulary, in-context definitions, audio and grammar aligned to AP themes.

Using Artificial Intelligence, the Affinity Knowledge Learning System (AKLS) groups similar elements together for accelerated learning and better retention.

Ponddy Tutors leverage the power of AKLS in each live session.


Smart Textbooks support self-study between sessions.

Exercises are gamified and continuously changing so each time you practice you are presented with new challenges. Analytics result across all the users will also be available for reference.

Improve your language skills faster and better with Ponddy Tutors.