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Ponddy Online AP® Chinese Language and Culture Course is a full-year program that covers the equivalent of a second-year (and/or fourth-semester) college Chinese course.  It is an online course taught by live, certified instructors with a maximum of 3 students per class.  The AP course is designed to incorporate reading, writing, listening and speaking skills enabling students to further develop their proficiencies across the three communication modes of interpersonal, interpretive and presentational.  Ponddy’s AP curriculum adheres to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) national standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century.

Our instructors use Ponddy Smart Textbooks and Ponddy Reader comprised of interactive learning modules designed using artificial intelligence to personalize and optimize learning for each student.

Your high school’s AP Coordinator/Administrator can select Ponddy as the Online/Distance Provider for the AP Chinese course.  The course will then appear on the AP College Board ledger for the applicable year enabling you to earn high school credit.  Please check with your high school before starting the course.


Open to Grades 9-12
Prerequisites Three or more years of Chinese language instruction and/or

Qualifying score on Ponddy Placement test

Course Format Online via Zoom with a live instructor, maximum class size of 3 students
Course Length Two semesters

Semester 1: Sep.-Dec. 2019   14 weeks

Semester 2: Jan.-Apr. 2020   14 weeks

4 hours per week: M-Th 1 hr per day, or M & W or T & Th 2 hrs per day

Course Content 9 units, 28 topics, 1 topic per week
Course Materials Ponddy Smart Textbooks and Ponddy Reader (online interactive multi-media learning modules)
Recommended school credit One year

An integral component of the curriculum is developing an appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture.  The students will explore cultural celebrations, beliefs and attitudes, teen life and global community and social issues to name a few.  Please see the course overview below for more details.


Course Overview

Unit Theme Objective
1 Cultural Celebrations Learn about Chinese culture, values, and customs through festivals and celebrations
2 Teenage Life/self and Global Community Experience cultural and social activities common to a student of similar age in China
3 Interests and Careers Pursuing personal interests and planning for the future in terms of career, study, and travel.
4 Famous People Examine the role and significance of the contributions of Chinese culture in today’s world
5 Beliefs and Attitudes Study common beliefs, traditional values, and attitudes within the Chinese culture, such as social etiquette, patterns of interaction, or the role of family
6 Social Issues and Current Events Expose the students to current Chinese political, social, and cultural topics
7 Art and Music Appreciation Appreciate and understand Chinese culture through various avenues such as paintings, folk arts, Beijing opera, popular music, theater, dance, and traditional musical instruments
8 Literature and Vocabulary Read and analyze literature and formulate critical analyses of form and content orally and in writing
9 Geography and Climate Deepen students’ knowledge of China’s geographic regions, landforms, waterways, governing units, population distribution, life-style of the minorities, ethnic and linguistic diversity, and climate in major cities

High School AP Credit

AP Coordinators/Administrators may add Ponddy’s AP course by logging into their AP Audit account and selecting the Add Online Provider button on the School Status page.  This will display the authorized Online Provider Courses and from here they can select Ponddy’s AP Chinese Culture and Language course. This button will be available in August before the beginning of each school year. Once Ponddy is selected as an Online/Distance Provider, the course will appear for the applicable year in the school's course listing.  It is the responsibility of the student/family to contact their high school to include the AP course credit on their transcript prior to signing up for the Ponddy AP course.

If you are a State, District or School interested in providing AP Chinese course, contact us for a lower price.

How do I take the AP Exam?

If you are interested in taking the AP Chinese exam, please check with your high school or local high schools to see if they will administer the exam for you.  It is the student/family’s responsibility to find a testing location.  Ponddy cannot order nor administer AP exams.




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